Application user activity

The Application user activity (Preview) feature under Usage & insights provides data analytics on user activity and engagement for registered applications in your tenant. You can use this feature to view, query, and analyze user activity data in the Microsoft Entra admin center. This can help you uncover valuable insights that can aid strategic decisions and drive business growth. This demo uses Microsoft Graph API to query the data. You can find the source code here.

Total users

This value represents the total number of active users in your tenant in .

Monthly active users

This value represents the total number of users who signed in to your apps in .

New users added

This value represents the total number of new users added to your tenant in . It reflects all users added through self-service sign-up or account creation.

Daily user activity over time

Monthly users over time

A monthly active user (MAU) is a unique user that performs an authentication within a given month. A user that authenticates at least once within a given month is counted as one MAU. Authentications may include: Active, interactive sign in by the user. For example, sign-up or sign in, self-service password reset, or any type of user flow. Passive, non-interactive sign in such as single sign-on (SSO), or any type of token acquisition. For example, authorization code flow, token refresh, or resource owner password credentials flow. The graph below shows the monthly active users trend.

New users added over time

The monthly new users graph can help you understanding the behavior of new users in your tenant. It's important for any business to determine the success of marketing campaigns, identify potential areas of improvement, and measure the effectiveness of the website in attracting and retaining new customers.

Requests report

Monthly Requests

This value represents the total number of requests processed through sign-in and sign-up flows in . It includes all requests associated with conditional access policies, password reset flows, MFA, language customization, and so on. Refer to the detailed graphs for a breakdown.

Authentications report

Monthly Authentications over time

The authentications per day provides you with insights for all daily user authentications.
The following graph shows the authentications requests across geographical regions. The country attribute allows you to investigate the authenticates trend even further. Note, unknown countries have been removed from the graph.

Operation systems of authentications