Add an admin account

In Microsoft Entra External ID, a customer tenant represents your directory of consumer and guest accounts. With an administrator role, work and guest accounts can manage the tenant.


Before you start make sure you have configured the following:
  1. Create a tenant

To add an admin account, sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center with Global Administrator or Privileged Role Administrator permissions and browse to Identity > Users > All users. Then, select New user > Create new user.

On the New user page, under Select template, select Create user. Under Identity, enter information for this admin: User name. Required. The user name of the new user. For example, Eneter a Name. You can also enter a First name and Last name. Copy the autogenerated password provided in the Password box. You'll need to give this password to the admin to sign in for the first time.

To add administrative permissions for the user, add them to a Microsoft Entra role. You can assign the user to be a Global Administrator or one or more of the limited administrator roles in Microsoft Entra ID. Scroll down to the Roles section, and select a role in the directory. Then, choose Select.

To create the account, scroll down and select Create.

Graph API tutorial coming soon.